We combine historical and modern approaches!

Our company employs highly qualified professionals in the field of engineering design which successfully combines today’s engineering and technical school of thought with the best technologies of the past and the present.

We use 3D scanning for building measurements

We use 3D modelling for design projects

Restoration design is different than designing new projects!

A restoration engineer must be an expert in old construction technologies, materials that are used in

restoration projects, and restoration methods, be knowledgeable about and be able to calculate the

historical construction elements, such as vaults, columns, arches, formerets, domes, etc.

High risk and high responsibility

One of the main difficulties of restoration design is that oftentimes there is a lack of full information

about the real state of the building. And not all of the building surveys give the answers to all of the

questions. It is very hard to accurately estimate the state of the foundations, the bearing structures, etc. It

is important to preserve the building without damaging it.

Our company has a long-standing experience in restoring historical buildings!

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